Monday, March 29, 2010

The man behind the power behind the man behind the ...

One of my guilty pleasures is reading conspiracy literature. It is sort of like reading science fiction and I think I enjoy it as a sort of thought experiment for how society might be. But what we call conspiracy literature has a long and possibly legitimate history as the continuation of hermetic or wisdom literature. Namely the idea that there is a hidden truth or knowledge that only some people can access. In fact, much conspiracy literature eventually returns back to secret organizations (ie wisdom traditions) 'really' running human affairs.

I would write more - but I want to finish reading about how the civil war was a conspiracy by european bankers to create more countries in america leading to a greater market for lending debt. (I guess they never heard of its ok we have municipal bonds - we can still trade credit default swaps on California)

As a final note the argument against conspiracies can also be a similar argument against 'intelligent design' namely it is more awesome and incredible that these events have taken place without central planning - to assume otherwise diminishes the wonder and power of these events.

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