Friday, May 15, 2009

Long Days Journey into the End of Night

I just finished reading Long Days Journey into Night (O'Neill) and subsequently started reading Journey to the End of Night (Celine). Although these two works could not be more different I keep merging their titles.

O'Neill really is the best titler in literature. "Mourning becomes Elektra" That is such an awesome title. "The Iceman Comeith" Great! That is his true talent. O'Neill would probably be a great twitterer. I also love how characters in his plays are always quoting other authors, poets and playwrights.

Journey to the end of Night - this is a book that wants to be XXX but is only PG 13. I think if it was a bit more graphic it would be better but then unbearable. I don't love it - but I'll finish it. Really I want to read "Death on the Installment Plan" because I love the title - Mort a Credit.

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