Monday, May 18, 2009

What is the deal with Sibelius on NPR?

I am over at the 13Bit compound engaged in some production administrativa. Paul has set the radio to WNYC AM - which is all classical music all the time. I was going to change it but I figure this is a good idea to bone up on my classical music knowledge and perhaps improve my standing in the learned league (damn you John Eckstein).

Generally I catch classical music when it is played on NPR Evening Music. But for years now I cannot help but notice the obsession with Sibelius music on NPR! Why is that? Can someone enlighten me?
    Is it a..
  • copyright issue - like the Beatles - Michael Jackson owns the rights to all composers other than Sibelius.

  • He is modern, yet Ye Olde Time - unlike say Shoenberg, Sibelius sounds classical - but then why not just play someone older

  • The Finland lobby

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