Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I just landed in Lilongwe for my UNICEF child malnutrition/AIDS project - ie move all record keeping and tracking to SMS so we can deploy help in realtime.

I am staying at the Kiboko Hotel - which is underwhelming - their wifi does not work. I am looking for a sim card - but they are sold out at the place across the street. I am staying in the center of old town Lilongwe and writing this from an internet cafe.

It is really exciting to be here. I have never been to africa - but I do have the traveling bug. I am excited to do some good work, to help people, and hopefully not contract any parasites. Once I get wifi working I'll post pictures and video and better posts.

I am now going to have a drink at the hotel bar a la Kapuzinsky - because my wifi doesn't work. I am reading Sen's Freedom as Development - which is not really blowing my mind -but I will give it a shot. These days I feel I have been having lots of conversations about freedom. Freedom of Action (poverty etc) and Freedom of Culture (open source software). (this freedom of culture is your fault Nina Paley :)

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  1. You have not gone ten years without philosophy. You think about it every day.

    It was a good line, though...