Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Room with a view

I am staying in the commercial heart of Lilongwe.

(I attempted to upload a photo but this failed - I also found a virus on my card - NakedWoman.vbs - should I be concerned ...)

This morning I had a yummy breakfast of eggs, coffee, and fruit salad. I ate a pepto 30 minutes before to coat my stomach with bismuth and prevent any nasties from lodging in my tummy. This is how you travel when you are a paranoid hypocondriac germ-o-phobe.

Anyway, breakfast was yummy with no side effects. I even made a friend. A woman from london working at christian aid. I think she is doing something legal related. She is actually staying in the room next door. Best of all, she has a car - I hope she will take me joy riding in the Malawi country side this weekend.

I am writing this from my office at UNICEF. I must use a unicef computer for security purposes, so i will be transferring files via usb and downloading putty. The bus back to my hotel leaves in 30 min, the day ends at 5. This means I really need a hotel with internet. I think I may need to suck it up and pay more money to stay in a better hotel - the madonna hotel perchance?

Yes Paul - I philosophize all the time- you caught me -


  1. Unicef is fortunate to have you work w/ them. Look forward to your posts.

  2. Big Mer!!!

    Stay at the Madonna-Tel