Friday, September 10, 2010

A completely different blog post

i have been blogging lately to keep track of what I am doing with my streaming video project. The montagenik blog is probably not the best place for this. I should probably keep this info in evernote or perhaps another blog, or perhaps a account, or perhaps a git gist. However, the fact is, that I actually go back in my blog and look for these tidbits. My blog is like my personal search engine repository. When I spread out this information over a bunch of different application I generally dont use them. I find it more efficient to keep everything in one location.

This week has been a good week in the 13Bit getting things done world, but a bad week in the Meredith getting things done world. The jet lag has put me on a really messed up schedule and I am completely useless after 4pm. Tomorrow Paul and I have a short shooting trip to NJ where we will interview two collectors, then sunday Cindy and I will bot in preparation for the upcoming robot parade. Paul and I also have something special up our sleeves for the Ecopocolypse website. It is very cool....

I started out the day by reading from 'The Book of Disquiet' - This is a fantastic, beautiful, inspiring book. "And at this table in my absurd room, I, a pathetic and anonymous office clerk, write words as if they were the soul'd salvation and I gild myself with the impossible sunset of high and vast hills in the distance." I am considering ripping off Mattins and reading parts of this on a daily podcast.

My new love is the OED on the computer.


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