Thursday, September 16, 2010

Living the Dream

Last night Paul and I attended a fascinating lecture on the postal history of the Congo Free State at the NY philatelic society. This is research for our latest documentary. There is nothing like listening to a lecture by an expert. Not all fields are capable of producing experts - Literary theory for instance. You can only be an expert is something that exists, that has a counterpoint in reality. You cannot be an expert in unicorns, however you can be an expert on the literature of unicorns, the archaeology of unicorns, and the symbology of unicorns. Likewise you cannot be an expert on literary theory, but you can be an expert on the thoughts of literary theorists. However I think expertise in something like stamps of the Congo is much more worthwhile...

On another note- I ran across the following art project by cory arcangle - it culls the internet for blog posts that begin with i'm sorry. I am a big fan of his video work, especially mario clouds video & the the one where he just projects fields of color from the projector. However, this 'sorry' project is sort of in bad taste. What is it? A project mocking people attempting to maintain blog? I am not quite sure what its purpose is. I doubt it is to be inspired by the heart felt apologies - as cory writes on his blog. So what exactly is the point of this project? to call attention to the dead blogs in the world, to show how apologies have become meaningless, is it supposed to just be funny, it it supposed to show how pathetic people are, how people have no imagination (except for cory)? not sure - here is a blog art project i just blew out of my ass - probably similar to the process of other net artists (although my process does not involve weed) - a dictionary of common words as spelled by bloggers ( or twitters)....


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