Monday, September 20, 2010

Local build of ffmpeg

This was going to be a highminded post about fairy tales and morphology but instead i am going to record my trials and trivails of running ffmpeg on amazon's map-reduce.

So - what i am doing is adding a cached directory of ffmpeg to every map-reduce computer i use

./elastic-mapreduce --create --stream --alive --name $1 \
-c credentials.json \
--input s3n://13bit.videoout \
--mapper s3://13bit.scripts/ \
--reduce s3://13bit.scripts/ \
--output s3n://13bit.videoout.ts \
--log-uri s3n://13bit.log \
--cache-archive s3n://13bit.scripts/

in order to build ffmpeg i started up a debian sqeeze box via aleatic ami (ami-daf615b3) I then had to update apt-get (apt-get update), install git, download ffmpeg and related libraries and run the ffmpeg configure switch --prefix to set the install directory. I am now zipping it up and testing it on another instance of the squeeze debian - at which point i will start up the map reduce process again

i am also looking at boston terrier art on etsy (thanks to Jane Kim)
I am doing this while my boston terrier sleeps and farts next to me.


  1. download ffmpeg and associated library and run ffmpeg configure the switch, as well as installing the game due to a pokerchums prefix to set the installation directory and zipping time to test it on another instance of debian squeeze would reduce the process again??

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