Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Greatest Work of Our Time Is Lost

I was just watching the imaginarium of dr parnassus which begins full of promise and then sort of craps out. The most interesting part of the film is the story of parnassus not the imaginary wonderlands of random people who go through parnassus' mirror.

I was totally blown away by the production design of Parnassus' Monastery. After watching the DVD extras about the Monastery, it seemed that one of the great achievements of the film were the props. I often think this is the case with other films, and with theater in particular.

It seems after thousands of years of architectural masterpieces, 500 years of scupltural masterpieces, and about 200 years of painted canvas masterpieces - we are in an age where masterpieces are really transitory and in the service of other even more transitory masterpieces. I guess this is what happens when production is in service of entertainment or the triumph of bread on circuses.


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