Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doc Progress

Today Paul and I embarked on one of our many 13Bit documentary road trips. A documentary is lots of fun to make. It is sort of like playing detective. In the beginning stages, you go out to different locations and meet interesting people to sus out the story for your doc. Today Paul and I went to Bethlehem PA to meet with Greta Browne, a woman who recently walked for climate change. Paul first read about her in an article in the New York Times.

She is an average american, well I don't know how average really. I mean not many people would dedicate 6 months of their lives to walking route 11 to 'Witness' climate change. 'Witness' is Greta's description and I think it is a very evocative word. Her mission during the 6 months was just to 'be there', to experience the country and to 'state for the record', in a sense, her concern for the climate. We spoke a bit about buddhism and mindfulness and the state of mind that allows for you to fully experience your current experience - what it means to 'witness'.

We are slowing building the pieces to this documentary - and the final shape is not all together clear yet. We have not found our story. It is like Michaelangelo finding David in a block of marble. We are finding a story in a block of human experiences.

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