Friday, September 4, 2009

Saturday Travels

I am off to lake Malawi. Cape something - I forget the name. I could use some R&R. I've been working like a dog on this project and I could use a vacay.

So yeah - I refactored my code so that there is as little hard coding as possible - I created a display manager class that is totally misnamed and should be broken into two classes. It lets you specify report formats through a data model, as well as section headers and other things. I regret doing this. Who cares if there is hard coding - just get something out the door. I plan on selling some rapidsms projects back in the states - so at least I will be able to use what I have already written.

I still need to do graphing - that will probably not happen till next week. I have the SMS code written for the pre-refactored code. I am also going to regenerate my json files and stick them in the appropriate model/fixture dicrectories. I'll also integrate the data for the last four months into my data set.

Still reading development as freedom - but I think i'll leave it home this weekeed and bring some poetry to the lake. Development as freedom while interesting is super dry - I dont know - i think there is a better way to make this information more compelling because it really is interesting a useful framework for thinking about development.. What do I mean by dry? (well for example Kant is not dry he is just dense and slightly convaluted - but I enjoy reading him)

I need beach and belharzia ! Lake Malawi here I come.

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