Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oauth, O Superman, O judge, O Mom and Dad

I am still on my Big Science kick.

This morning I received an enlightening email from Pawan, the head of IT over at UNICEF Malawi. He told me the reason why I cannot log on to the Malawi UNICEF servers is because there is a problem with the service provider. Ahhh. This makes me feel a bit better, because it means that I did not destroy the system with my attempt to fix dns mapping.

It is unfortunate that the Ministry of Health is in the field this week training health workers. RapidSMS should still be working (cell network no relation to internet-work). But who knows, I cannot log in to see. Stanley has a big rapidsms presentation this weekend, so I am going to put the site up over on one of the ChangProject sites and let him use that. Then at least I can work with Stanley to make the UI look as fantastic as possible - and bring glory to RapidSMS.

I did not implement my new plan of blogging at night. Rather I came home and worked on BlackListTweet and read the fate of africa. Last night, Lian and I got home at about 10:30. Instead of going to kung fu, I went to a fantastic Jivamukti yoga class with JF&Son. It was a great class, but I think Kung Fu is a better work out - and Kung Fu has weapons. It is also true that Yoga people are in general more insane than Kung Fu people. But Yoga and Kung Fu are related. Yoga is in many ways the foundation of Kung Fu (in particular the I Chin Ching). When the first kung fu master - whom I forget - came to china to teach the shaolin monks - the monks would fall asleep during his lectures. They had no energy. So he forced them to do yoga (I Chin Ching) to bring up their constitution and their energy level.

After yoga - we met diametrik and the parents and ate cold candle cafe. It was a momentous occasion. My mother stayed up past 9:30, and my father and brother continued the finkelstein family business of hiring the most obnoxious and incompetent people possible and then berating one another about it. (Katie this does not refer to you, as you may be where JF is breaking out of this tradition)

This morning I am working on BlackListTweet. I lost some time due to mediatemple's implementation of django. I wish I could just have my own box and do my own hosting - but that, too, is a pain in the neck. I had to recreate a database and deal with some fcgi issues. Now I am implementing some oauth functions, so I can access twitter via oauth. Django has some nice code snippits I have been cannabalizing. Maybe TOMORROW I will have an alpha up.

The Robot Parade is coming - I need to work on my singularity song!

And I need to get my eyebrows waxed - it hurts to be beautiful

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