Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Interview for Eco Doc

I was out the door at 7:30 this morning. That is my usual blogging time, so this blog post will be rather short.

I was out so early because 13bit interviewed Mathis Wackernagel of footprint network at 8:45!

It was a fantastic interview and we are really excited about the potential of this documentary. The whole idea is that human beings are consuming more than is being replenished, and certain countries and cities are really consuming more. The eco footprint is looking at adding an ecological measure to economic analysis similar to the GDP. So for example, Argentina might have a low GDP but its eco footprint (use vs possession of natural resources) is actually quite good. I can totally see Latam Traders using eco footprint to push latam bonds.

Its amazing how everything must be put in economic terms, but that really is the driving philosophy behind contemporary life.

Jamie is over at the 13Bit compound taking care of some logistical issues involving trains, Thalys, and our october trip to europe to speak with various footprint people. It seems like we may set up some streaming site with our first two docs.

I finally was able to fix the dns/ip issues with the Malawi Servers - Now the site is up, although I think there is still an SMS problem that I need to fix.

Other than that, I am busily knocking things off the todo this today, and I may start trading my new options strategy.

Over and out

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